Hello, my name is Jackie

I currently reside in Minneapolis. My favorite things are dreamy vintage fabrics and textiles. I love photographing in the glorious glowing morning and twilight hours. I am moved by the real and raw beauty of all things in nature. I like simplicity. As your photographer, I want to preserve the beautiful moments I see blossoming right in front of you. My portraits are time capsules made with love.

I am the loving mother of four sweet boys, the wife of a fine arts photographer, an artist and a true child of nature. We are a family of explorers and hit the road, traveling as much as possible during the summer months, documenting every wild adventure along the way. In the past 6 years, we’ve driven across 30 states and stood in amazement of all the natural wonders of our beautiful country. 

I offer a unique approach to my craft and create an authentic product for each of my clients. I want to capture your moments and connections in time for you.